60 years of the Porsche 911: An icon follows up

N-TV | 2  ×  22 min | 01.10.2023 | 07.10.2023

It is a unique development in global automobile manufacturing:
A car is in its eighth generation and still has the same technical roots and a distinctive design.
The Porsche 911 is 60 years old and the manufacturer from Zuffenhausen is dedicating a special model to the sports car:
It's called the 911 S/T and exactly 1,963 units will be built - similar to the first presentation at the IAA in Frankfurt in autumn 1963.
This two-parter tells the unique car story with many high-profile actors from film, TV, sports and the automotive world.
From Patrick Dempsey to Angelique Kerber, from Walter Röhrl to Formula 1 driver Niko Hülkenberg... everyone tells their private 911 story and reveals themselves to be pure 911 fans.
And as the star of the documentary, ntv shows the development history of the special model. One thing is already clear:
The 911 story will continue.
The 911 also has a future at Porsche in the electric era!


  • Ulf Thomas


  • Robert Engelke


  • Michael Menke


  • Heiko Bokern


  • J├╝rgen Hermann


  • Marvin Kreipe


  • Anne K├Âtterheinrich

    Executive producer

  • Christian Struck

    Head of production

  • Luka Sauer


  • Wulf Sager