911 - The eternal icon

Amazon Prime | PORSCHE Story Collection 42 min

Nowadays, when a particular type of car is built more than a million times, this is only worth a brief comment in the news. In the case of the Porsche 911, things are different. Introduced in 1963 at the IAA, no one at the sports carmakers’ in Zuffenhausen ever imagined that one million of these cars would ever be built.

Today the “Nine-Eleven” is coveted throughout the world as an icon – a vintage car for which ever more fabulous prices are being paid, but also as a new car. To this day, Porsche has managed to keep producing the 911 in many different variations, and always at a top technological level. The current 911 Story fascinates viewers with unique images and presents the builders and owners of the unique Porsche 911.


  • Ulf Thomas

    Director & author

  • Wulf Sager


  • Ole Förster


  • Johan Nilsson

    Film Editor

  • Hauke Kleinschmidt

    Film Editor

  • Klaus Behrsing

    Line Producer

  • Carsten Stodt